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There is no successful business without a good website

A successful venture requires a website that is tuned to the requirement of its visitors. As the number of media grow, it is important to have a well-run website. We are here to help you to make lasting impression which will create a high impact on your customer through our effective web designing and development. We are proficient in Responsive Website Design and Content Management Systems. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach and intuitive design to our clients. We also design custom websites that match your brand identity. We make eye-catching, user-friendly sites that capture the imagination of your customers. At Qanater, we not only design your websites, but also help with each and every facet of your company’s online identity

Why should you love Qanater?

Latest MVC Frameworks

Qanater always provides latest framework in the development of your projects. In UI and backend development we use verity of framework to meet our client’s requirements effectively and efficiently. We use Laravel. Laravel a web application framework with expressive and elegant syntax which provides a powerful tool to create robust applications.

Latest UI Technologies

We use latest technologies in web designing. HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS3, JavaScript are the main technologies which we use to stylish the frontend of your website more catchy. In each and every projects Qanater always tries to deliver your contents in its best and catchy way. We strongly belief the first impression is the best impression.

Varity of Projects

Qanater got the opportunity to work with leading business enterprises in sultanate and could complete a wide range of projects from E-commerce, Restaurants, Oil & Gas, Education, Trading, Travel & Tourism, and Realestate so on. We are well school in the mentioned business sectors and eagerly looking to more challenging projects.

Lamp Stack

Lamp is the short for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP an open source web development platform. The operating system is Linux, apache as the web server, MySQL as database and for coding use PHP. We use the latest version of PHP and MySQL in the web development.

Guaranteed Project Quality

A project’s ultimate success is attributed to two key factors: "The completion of the requirements of the client and the inherent quality”. We deliver the project with guaranteed quality without any glitches on time with 24X7 support.

We value human expertise

Our value is our designers and developers, we honor them providing the best working environment and learning platform. We have 20+ staffs to serve our valuable clients in the best way.

See Our 4 Phase of Web Designing Process


Preliminary Design

Once the sitemap has been defined through wireframes, we create a visual style of the site. With design approval then HTML connvertsion starts. A static site moves to the 3rd stage here.


Site Development

A Content Management System (CMS) is the effective part of a website which helps users to update the conent (Text/Images) We use PHP frameworks to develope the CMS of your site.



Testing of a site is a critical process where all the design and development process goes for a postmortem to findout and rectify the errors. Any errors will undergo 1st & 2nd stages.



Here comes the big day, after the content updation and valuable approval from client the site is about to go live. The project is not over here effective tasks to make your site is awaiting you.

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